Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's Doing Wednesday

Oh, a little of this, a little of that.
Just passing through.  In from morning work for a quick lunch then out for an afternoon appointment.   The morning looked like we were in for a rainy day, but no, the sun is out in full glory although very humid. 

Can you believe its August?  My little grandpumpkin will be a year old shortly.  He's now running everywhere.  I never knew such joy.

I must tell you ... I heard it, I sensed it this past Monday ... the feel of Fall!  Yup ... its here already.  And ... we have leaves in our back yard!  Not that I mind,  Fall is my favorite time of the year and each year I always hope it last longer.  I guess if I feel it this early I will have a long Fall.

Enjoying nightly harvests from the garden, it is so good!  For that I have to give Summer a thumbs up.  Here's to garden tomatoes and fresh bread later on followed by some evening crochet.  Goodness, can it get any better then that?
Have a good afternoon and evening ...


  1. Awww the grandpumpkin (what a sweet name) almost a year old. Time certainly flies when your days are filled with much joy. :)

    I love fall.....the colors, the chilly air, the yummy foods, the smells...fall is my favorite season! :)

    Hope you get lots of time with the hook today...oh, and check out my blog for a link to a free lobster toy pattern, who knows, it might be right up sweet little grandpumpkins alley! :)

  2. Summer has gone quickly this year. Enjoy your "harvest". :-)

  3. Love hearing from you. I haven't been able to comment because of a virus warning.

  4. i LOVE name sweet is that? Say....Stitchy mentions a CAL for the pretty petals, are you up for one? We're all working on the same pattern it might be fun....I'll pop over and visit with Stitchy and see is shw wants to play along, I think she will it was her idea......

  5. Hi Gloria, for the Pretty Petal CAL, I'm using size 10 cotton thread & 7 hook, Stitchy is using 10 thread and a B hook, I may look into that to see what that looks like. I think Vikki is interested too, and anybody else who wants to CAL with us the Pretty Petals potholder/Doily. I'm thinking doily...we'll see.