Friday, August 17, 2012

Where the hook has been and where its going ... crochet alongs!

Goodness, where did this week go?  Turned around and the weekend is here.  Time is moving far too quickly.  The hook has been moving too.  My latest projects are taking off ...  
Half the squares have been made for my square in a square ghan.  Took a bit of time this afternoon to weave in some ends.  I like to do some every so often and not leave all the ends for the finish.  This is really a neat pattern.  Its very easy and fun to make.  I think I would like one done with multi colored centers, it  would be really pretty not to mention a great way to use up left over yarn pieces.

My newest ghan is the Sarafia blanket.  Loved the pink, green and white.  My stash had rose, white and a green, and I did pick up a different shade of green for the third color.  Have just done one and a half squares.  Another easy and fun project.  My square measures 8 inches.  Right now I'm thinking 35 squares should do a size I would like.  By the way this project is going to be a Crochet Along.  Stop over at Stitchy McFloss for more details.

Speaking of crochet along ... I first saw this snowflake potholder at Lacy Crochet.  The pattern can be found at Gracious Rain and will also be started soon.  I think this will be such a delight to use during the winter months.  Food for thought:  wouldn't this be a wonderful ghan as well!
red and yellow crochet hot pad
Faith (Crochet by the Sea), Vikki (By HOOKS 4U),  Stitchy (Stitchy McFloss), Kat (Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick) are joining in.  And  with the afghan, we are taking our time and enjoying.  Come along, grab a hook and join in, its fun to be crocheting along with others and the results are incredible. 

Have a great weekend.


  1. They are all very eye catching. I agree, that snowflake one is perfect for the holidays, and wouldn't it make such a nice hostess gift for giving, or just a pretty little stocking stuffer?
    Have a great weekend,
    Susanne :)

  2. Quite nice color combo..looking foward to the CAL if I only knew which pattern we were doing..have a great weekend

  3. You certainly are busy glor. I really like that snowflake potholder. Have a good day. :)

  4. Wow, you sure have been busy! two blankets!!
    I love them both but my favorite is the pink and green! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I'm on the hook for the CAL...snowflake hot pad...stash busting....your afghans so pretty....can't wait to see all the finished projects.....thank you for the invite to play along, something for everybody....:)

  6. All of them are so lovely Glor. I may have to try one or two... or all... of these!!

    Thank you for your prayers also, much appreciated :)

  7. Hi Gloria, here is the link for that oval placemant

    I think I would like to make them in cotton, I think they would turn out much prettier in cotton and would show the design/pattern...

  8. Oh I love your current blanket, too. :)

    I am ready for the CAL. Gotta go tackle the stash in the craft studio. Send reinforcements if you don't hear back from me in an hour! :)

    Blessings always my dear friend. :)

  9. Oh my goodness, Glor! You're as busy as I am, I can see! Love all your work, and wish I could join in on the snowflake CAL, but I've GOT to get my daughter's afghan (a shade of red, leaning towards burgundy/wedding bells pattern.. You saw it, actually!) done before taking on any other big projects. I've been working on it a little every night... And it was funny. I was over her house the other day, and I caught myself saying to her, "Gee a nice green afghan would be pretty in THIS room!"... Oh my gosh, REALLY, am I a glutton for punishment?! How MUCH do I think I can do?! (0; Have a great day! ~tina