Friday, August 31, 2012

On and off the hook ...

UntitledMy latest projects are moving along.  The square-in-square baby ghan is nearing completion.  An edging to be added and this will be finished.  This has been a wonderful crochet.  A most interesting pattern and yet easy enough that within a few squares the pattern is committed to memory.  Makes it easy to work on while enjoying a movie or tv.

UntitledThe Sarafia blanket CAL now had 14 squares completed.  Another easy to remember pattern.  Especially fun to work on with the other fabulous ladies with no rush for the finish.

UntitledAnother CAL and completed is the snowflake potholder. Using cotten 4 ply,  I love this size for a potholder/hotpad.  Size 10 thread and a lovely coaster.  Sweet hostess gifts for the holidays.

With the baby ghan almost done I have to add in a new project.  Also another CAL ... another daisy ghan.  This one has 12 petals to the daisy and will be done in all different colors on a white background.  So far I've pulled out 18 colors out of my stash, I think there are a few more waiting to be found.  Had to try out the pattern so the first 2 colors are done.

Oh yeah, there may be a table topper lurking.  I'm trying my best to leave this go for a later winter project but I'm not sure I am going to hold out.  Time will tell.  

 Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE TO CROCHET?  Just saying...

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Wow! Busy lady! I live all your projects. Can't wait to see them finished.
    Eileen :)

  2. Lovely, lovely ! Everything is looking so lovely. :)

    Wishing you a day filled with many hours of crochet and blessings as well to you and yours always my dear friend.

  3. Glor, I aspire to be half the crocheter you are!! Where is the daisy pattern from that you are using?

  4. Wow, Glor! You really are crocheting up a storm over there. My creative juices kinda dried up ... not sure what I want to do so I do nothing. So lovely to see all your wonderful projects. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  5.'re kidding love to crochet?! ;D LOL Love seeing all of the projects you're working on. Your new daisy afghan is going to be so pretty and colorful! Btw, wanted to let you know that I have 16 of the Sarafia squares made. As I mentioned before, I don't want to post about it on my own blog for fear the recipient sees it before Christmas. ;) I am house-sitting at Laura's this weekend, so hope to get several more made while I'm there. Another btw, Laura had a good checkup today. The baby's heart rate was 152. :) She has an ultrasound scheduled for Sept. 12th. Won't find out the gender, but hopefully it'll put her mind at ease that all is well in there. :) Have a great weekend, Gloria! Blessings to you and yours.

  6. i too am wondering if the 12 petal daisyghan pattern is available for purchase,or can you direct me where to find it?
    regards,and thank you