Monday, August 20, 2012

Upgrade and hook update

The crochet alongs are moving along ... so much so that I've had to replace my take along bag from my canvas library bag to a much larger one as I now am carting two afghans and a hotpad.  In my true crochet addiction I had to put in a few more skeins of yarn just in case ... I always have to have enough with me!  Yes, I know, silly isn't it.   However, I do get more done this way and is a such a good way to use idle time.

Started the snowflake hotpad last night ... it goes up very quickly, now just have to crochet the pieces together.  There will be several of these made.  And yes, there will be an afghan to follow.  I just love how this looks and I think will be a wonderful throw to wrap up in come the winter months.

Several squares are completed for the Sarafia Blanket. 



And did I tell you I'm always looking for another project, another ghan ...
Check out this gorgeous bag made byLovestitch at Stitch of Love

I have already added the pattern to my tote to be maybe the next project and although I love the bag this will be another ghan.  Quite possibly the same color scheme as well.  I think the coloring is amazing.

Well, that's what new for the crochet front at my place.  Ohhhh, I just spotted two round ripples peaking out at me ... have to work them into the mix as well.  They are close to being done.  One is for the grandpumpkin and the other is one to have on hand.  They'll be worked on in between the above projects and completed come Fall.

Have a good day ...
 keep those hooks humming!


  1. They are humming Glor... Just found out my youngest son and his partner are expecting thier first baby.. so that is 2 babies now ahhhhh but so much fun :)) have a happy day :))
    ps . Thanks for sharing all those beautiful crochet works :))

  2. Love the snowflake hotpad ! You sure are busy ! In a good way !!

  3. Oh My have so many different projects going. I cannot do head starts spinning, I get overwhelmed and nothing gets done. Good for you. I always have a doily on the hook..and now squares looking at me. That is almost too much..Lovely work

  4. My goodness you are one busy lady! I don't have a tote bag to carry with me anymore...I need to make one very soon. Lovestitch sure does have a lovely bag....might just have to make one like that also! Can't wait to see all your lovely projects finished!

  5. I love it! You are always so busy..but I know you like it that way, too. :)

    I love your projects...I have a new afghan up on my blog today, too....

    Blessings always

  6. wondering...may I join in your CAL? I bought yarn yest. to make an afghan for my son for Christmas. Although....even though I do blog, I won't be able to post my progress on my blog for fear he somehow accidentally stumbles upon my posts about his afghan. He's been wanting a camo afghan "forever", and since he just bought his own place I thought now would be a good time to make him one...and it would be a great Christmas present. :)

  7. My goodness how do you keep it all straight?? You go girl though and I'm looking forward to watching your progress; mine has been slow on the blanket. Take care and hope your week is off to a great start. Heather

  8. Oh Glor, I love your bag! Isn't it wonderful to keep us busy with all we love to do!!! Me too, I have a lot of projects on going and my mind always is full of new patterns I wish to try! :)
    Your snowflake hotpads are so beautiful - seems it's getting ready for Christmas! Thank you for featuring my crochet bag as well, I'm so happy you liked and shared it!
    Hope your days are awesome always!
    Best, LS

  9. Your hook isn't's hopping...I'm hoping to get mine moving this evening, I need a little down time...enjoy looking at your creating and isnpirations...your snowflakes are so pretty...I'm going to scout out my stash and see what colors I have....I hope to jump on board with the CAL momentarily...:)

  10. I'm like you; I have multiple projects in all my bags so I always have a selection of things to work on when a spare moment rolls along. I must confess, though, your bags are so much prettier than my brown paper bags! And the handles tear off mine when I put too much in them!

    I really love your snowflake hotpads. But I'll guess you already knew that.

  11. Glor- I just updated my blog with another afghan I plan to make.

    I will wait for you on the daisy afghan, just let me know when to start and we'll do iit together. :)

    Blessings always my dear friend.

  12. Wow, yor are working on so many wonderful projects. You are very productive!

  13. Goodness Glor, so many projects on the go. Everything looks great! You must crochet at lightning speed. Have a wonderful rest of the week. Tammy