Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lovely Morning

Good Morning! The air has cleared, its actually quite cool this morning, a mere 51 degrees. Relief after the hot humidity the past few days. It promises to be a beautiful day ... but then any day is a beautiful day, its just how we look at it. (Have to remember that one for myself!)

Off and about in a few. Hope to get some crocheting done tonight. Still reworking my Round Red Robin Doily, then to make it again just to make sure so it will still be a bit before I repost. If anyone would like to test the pattern for me after this rework, please let me know.

Beauty and Blessings to You


  1. Hi Glor, every day is certainly a beautiful day while we are here in the States. It is cool and refreshing in the mornings. Skies are brilliant, clouds are fluffy, wildflowers are gorgeous and the colors surrounding us vibrant. Today we head out of Chicago and to my aunt's in Michigan. I will be able to post from there. Best wishes for your day. Tammy PS Can you send me your mailing address at ?

  2. What lovely flowers...thanks, Glor! I did have a nice morning today and really appreciated being in nature... again! As pretty and green it is, the humidity is high and stifling - but, I try to make the best out of every day that I have been given and so it's all good ;-)