Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Morning

Share a little or

share a lot.

But share some joy.

Share yourself with someone today.

To a day of blessings.


  1. hello...i did share today..

    my thoughts with you in an email regarding my requested! lol

    and today's post....with the blogging world.

    a hug for my family...

    and my dog, of course!...

    it's a good day!!!!!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  2. What a great idea. Just what one needs to bring themselves out of the blues is to do something for someone else. Let's see . . . what shall it be? Thanks for the reminder, Glor.

  3. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us. My day is just about done. Must go clean dining table. :) Many blessings, Tammy

  4. I share with you today Glor....a gift of a blog hug....Enjoy your day, and thank you for sharing with me. talk to you soon...

  5. What a lovely I cooked and shared a meal with my 83 year old parents. What joy what a blessing.

  6. What a lovely flower bouquet - so Victorian looking! Have a wonderful day today and a great week ahead!