Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yarn Stash

See what happens when we get some cool weather. I just can't resist digging into my yarn stash.

These are just some of the colors I have picked up lately. Started playing around with some patterns and color combos.

I really should be finishing up some of my projects but just couldn't wait to see how these would look. Grannies have become a new found friend for me. Can't get enough of them, although I'm starting to think ripple afghan...saw some amazing ones that work all these colors too. Stayed tuned for ripples coming my way ... at least until the temperatures rise again.

Have a colorful evening.


  1. Oh such bright & pretty colors! I can't wait to see your ripples!

  2. Love the colors, Gloria! I was just telling Laura yesterday that I have been writing different color combos down that I want to try on something...somewhere down the line. Grannies might be a good idea. :) I also told her that it amazes me that how pretty so many of these color combos look together, when back 20 or 30 years ago people would have scoffed at such color combos. These days I just love color...the more the merrier imho. :D

  3. Beautiful bright and colorful. Looking at them makes me happy :-)

  4. Pretty colors - bright and cheery. :)

  5. Preciosos cuadros guapa.
    Un beso.

  6. crocheting squares with yarn or fine thread is my thing too! it is the best passtime a girl could ask for!

    i need to keep my hands and mind busy and I love seeing others enjoy the process of creativity with crochet too!

    well done! you've got some pretty popping colour combinations there....!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina