Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Fun Crochet

There are some fun crochets going on ... a mood scarf by Bev of One Yarn After Another, and a  friend of mine is making a Sky Scarf.  Obviously based on what they are named ... mood that you are in ... brightness, color of the sky.  I do like both but wanted something more of a seasonal type so, of course, my friend was kind enough to find something to fill the order.  The Temperature Scarf hosted by Bernat

This CAL/KAL is starting on February 1st.  I'm using yarns from my stash and not Bernat and as my friend started her sky scarf January 1st I decided to do the same going back to get the temperature degrees from then to the present.  I have 8 yarns picked out to take me through the four seasons.

Yesterday being a quiet, nurse a cold day at home I settled in with cuppa and Tunisian hook ... its been years since I did Tunisian, in fact so long that we called this the Afghan Stitch way back then ... and I am up to date.  I think its going to be a fun crochet, a diary of the year's weather.  I'm also thinking I want to mark the days of significance in my life ... birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. and want to look for tiny charms to affix to those days.  The added bonus to this was realizing how much I enjoy the Tunisian stitching.    Enough so that I will be looking for finding more about it then just the basic stitch.

The scarf begins with a border (the white) and will have a line of white separating the months.
  Come and join in, we'll have a great time!  Let me know if you're doing one!  The orchid line, the last one is the color I am using for temps 22 and below, another one to be added for today as its 19 degrees.  I'm using the high temperatures of the day.
Happy Weekend!


  1. Tunisian, is that where there is many stitches on the hook? Temperature scarf, cute idea sister....
    hook on!

  2. Looks like a fun project and your scarf looks great so far! Happy Saturday Glor. Heather

  3. Wow Glor its beautiful..Like riding a bike huh...

  4. thanks Glor, I think I will try it too.. looks like fun!

  5. Your scarf is lovely.

    I had signed up to do the temp scarf, but I really do love the idea of the sky scarf much better. I think I am going to make that one instead.

    Sending out many blessings and hugs to you dearest friend.

  6. Very interesting way to work up a scarf. If I started one, I imagine it would be mostly very dark red or orange or yellow because by the time summer rolls around, our temperatures are hot, hot, hot all the time! :) Have fun! Tammy