Sunday, January 13, 2013

What the hook has been doing.

Oh yes, the hook has been moving and in several directions.  Quite fickle it is!  There are so many afghans that I want to make.  The wool eater is coming to a finish with a few more rows to do.  I'll save that picture for its completion.  My black berry salad stripe blanket is now 17 stripes strong.  Its 60 inches wide so I think I'll be making that between 60 and 70 in length.  Will be a great size for the bed for the nippy cold winter nights.

Rummaging through my stash the other day, decided that I needed to add a baby blanket to the mix.  I found this yarn over a year ago on sale and and decided its time to take shape.  A simple shell stitch blanket,  Bev's 5 Day Blankie is a very nice, easy crochet.    I really like how it is coming out in the variegated. 

And of course, at this time of year, hearts seems to come to mind.  This darling heart and flower goes up in one sitting.  The links for the heart and flower and leaves can be found at Attic 24.  I especially like the flower, its amazingly easy.

And then I saw this over at Teacup Lane ... is this a beauty?  Yup, got to have a gingham one too.   
This will be something very new for me, never have worked with carrying colors.  If you hop over to Teacup Lane you'll also see a gingham dish cloth Sandy is working on.  Very pretty.

That's all I'm going to tell you about what's on the hook or will be going on the hook for now (which means there are other projects).   I have mentioned before that I am addicted to crocheting ...

Best to your week ...



  1. Very pretty yarn Glor :)) Love the heart, A lovely gift for someone..
    No I must admit I am not sure how I would manage carrying yarn in a pattern.. But would be a challenge:))
    thanks for sharing :))

  2. Awww the baby blanket is adorable! :)

    I love crochet, too. It really does calm the soul and it gives you something wonderful, too.

    Hugs and blessings always dearest friend.

  3. Love the baby blankie Glor.. Very pretty colours...Not sure i would be able to carry the yarn but I love the pattern.. Blessings.. :)

  4. I bought that same yarn on Sale at Joanns..also made baby blanket. I love to make baby blankets, I used the sideways shell. Love your work.

  5. Wow, so many projects! Try carrying's not as hard as you think. I found out when I started my latest project. Good luck.

  6. I love them all Glor! I am going to have to try the heart with flower. I saw it on a couple of other blogs. Have a wonderful day!

  7. Lovely Glor. I must be a complete idiot, because I could not make heads or tails out of that heart pattern. But Pammy Sue, bless her heart, helped me!
    xo Kris

  8. just inspire me. You always seem to have the prettiest things on your hook. I would rather carry thread than cutting and weaving in ends. I think you will like it. Someday I am gonna make a blanket..Blessings

  9. Hi Glor,
    Thanks for posting about my little gingham blankie. It really isn't hard to work with two strands of yarn colors. Once I got the hang of it it went quickly. But I did check the back as I went along to make sure I was catching the carry over yarn in the new color stitches! A couple of times I had to go back and redo where I missed. I highly recommend Melody Griffiths pattern which can be found in her book "crocheted afghans" (available at Amazon). Have fun making one!