Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

winter snow

You are never too old to set another goal
or to dream a new dream.
-C.S. Lewis


  1. Great quote sweetie :) hope you are having a happy day :)

    Bee happy x

    PS have you entered my Valentines giveaway?

  2. Pretty picture and great quote. Hope you have a great day Glor. Heather

  3. Another picture from God's coloring book. He is such an artist. That quote is inspiring, I like to dream about things it is a hopeful thing.

  4. Love C.S. Lewis!

    As dear Faith said, the picture is truly a lovely work of the Lord. I love looking at snow, but do not like being in snow!

    Wishing you a day filled with many blessings dearest friend.

  5. I love the quote and the photo. I wish we could get snow like that! Always up for setting new goals...