Saturday, November 20, 2010

Easy Movin' Saturday

Its a slow, easy movin' Saturday, on the brink of Thanksgiving week.  Although we won't be having Thanksgiving here the turkey will come out of the freezer tomorrow and I'll cook for another day.  I just have to have that  holiday scent in the house.  My favorite part is the stuffing thats burns on the bottom of the pan and the turkey soup to be made afterwards.  Perfect for these chilly days and nights that we are now having.

Off to make another cup of coffee and tinker around the house ... cleaning, straightening and bringing out the holiday decorations. 

Blessings to your day.


  1. oh yes...that aroma is wonderful...we always get invited to my husbans Aunt & Uncle for dinner, we went when we were first married, but I missed preparing and having that lovely
    aroma in my own now we just stay home, and go visit later. I like preparing the
    Thanksgiving meal..I make the soup after too,
    (of course I do..)you knew that didn't Glor? I love the word tinker...conjers up whatever and whenever you feel like doing, no set rules or
    timelimes...glorious....! I am glad you are
    enjoying and relaxing...doing fun stuff round
    the homestead....:)

  2. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy decorating. I've been done for a while, but I live alone and make it easy on myself. I keep up my tree all year and just move it from the bedroom to the living room...I love having it up as long as possible because it's all white and silver with white lights and it makes for a perfect night light whilst watching a movie. It's very calming.

    Happy weekend,
    Doris and Gizzy :-)

  3. Have a lovely thanksgiving im not to sure which day it is held on, But enjoy Dee x