Sunday, November 28, 2010

Good Sunday Morning

Its truly the Christmas season ... the journey of Advent is here, shoppers are busily making their way about the stores, holiday music is playing, houses are brightly lit at night.  It was wonderful to see the displays at several houses on the way home last night.  When the kids were small we would ride about on a night a week to see the sights.  Once in a while now we still do that, specifially to one certain house where the display now has crossed over into their neighbor's yard on either side.  It is magnificent ... three yards wide.  It draws quite a crowd every year.   

Today's after dinner jaunt will be to Michael's, (their greenery is 50% off) to get a wreath and hope to be able to create this wreath for our front door.  A dollar store visit a few days ago produced the color green ornaments you see on this wreath, already had the gold ones.  This will be the project of the week and if I'm really ambitious maybe later on tonight. 

Holiday Spirit To All


  1. I was just looking through our Michael's advertisements as much to see. Have a lovely day.

  2. So many ideas and not enough time (or money)! This will make a beautiful wreath. I might use these colors on my white tree next year. Happy Sunday!

  3. Happy 1st Advent Sunday to you! I love this season and intend to take fully advantage of it - spiritually, I mean. I have no need for extreme shopping and will not even go online tomorrow on Cyber Monday!

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  4. What a beautiful wreath... can't wait to see how yours turns out!

  5. Hey Glor, I've missed many of your recent posts. How did that happen? I love your story of finding the wallet and being able to return it to that teenage boy. I haven't even thought about Christmas decorating yet. Will wait til December rolls around -- of course, that's just a few days away. My kids are already asking when I am gonna start playing Christmas music. Amazing how time flies! Good luck getting your wreath and finishing up your doily. Wishing you all the best, Tammy

  6. Such a busy time .. I thought I had it all in hand, shopping during the year etc.. only to find I haven't finished and the panic has really set in...
    But not forgetting what Christmas is all about..