Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's Doing Wednesday

I discovered yesterday that my camera is broken, but I've found that I can order a new part and don't have to think about buying a new camera so that's good.  I love my camera, it was a Christmas present from my son last year and I love it.  I carry it with me, so I have to say right now I'm really missing it.  Already this morning I was seeing sights I would have snapped, but not today, no camera.

My baby round ripple is coming along, I have one more repeat of colors to do then this one will be sent to its new home and baby girl.  The size 4 steel crochet hook has started doing its thing again trying to come up with a December doily.  The Christmas afghan I started a while back has taken a back seat and probably won't make its debut this Christmas, but there's always next year.   I'm trying to decide if I should continue doing a free pattern of the month for next year.  One thing I am thinking of though is maybe looking into an Etsy store.

So that's what new from the middle of the week in my crocheting world.

Keep those hooks flying!  


  1. Sorry about your camera...I'm sure it will be up and running in no time...this time of year it seems we have alot of stuff going on..with the crafts..I have my hand in to many things, and the gingerbread house pattern I ordered will be any day now...oh well another day, another project...I like the variety each brings. The free patterns are lovely, and so nice of you to share them....I had an Etsy account, and didn't sell anything...but I didn't have a clue what I should be doing, and only had 4 items..I would consider having another though at some point..something to think you build up stock and may want to keep some of your patterns to sell, and some to share... making potatoe pancakes today, time to go and peel those taters....

  2. I have read a lot about the Etsy accounts and some do well while others are almost completely ignored. What about selling from your blog like so many do? You can have a button on your sidebar for it. I have been contemplating my own and had once almost started but have waited to refine my ideas since they include other things than crochet. There are also lots of other places you can explore online that people sell from since Etsy has become so gigantic. I find it really hard going through the pages upon pages of crochet. To each his own though.

  3. Glor, don't leave w/o me...I'm on the way to B& there soon....hee hee

  4. Scarfs and more scarfs are on the agenda with maybe a cowl or to to match the hats I have finished,,, then some pretty colorful potholders. thats on the crocheting front.. the loom front not much is happening right now... I will come into the groove again... Hugs from South Texas.. Birgit