Monday, November 22, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

Taking Time
      even if just for a moment to reflect, maybe especially in the midst of not so good times.  Easy to say, harder to execute ... but in all things, let us give thanks.  Something I need to remember.


  1. Thank you posting these simple strong words..just what i needed to hear and read this morning to. Have a lovely day. Dee x

  2. Giving thanks for the gift of you. Many blessings, Tammy

  3. In EVERYTHING....that is the part which is most difficult. I know in "principle" that everything works out for good, it is difficult to walk the path and not see the road...Faith enters here...I need more of that...lots more... I know that I am ever so Thankful for you dear friend...have a beautiful day..I am making a punkin pie today..

  4. I am thankful for YOU my dear friend! Your caring, encouraging and supportive spirit is that of an angel sent by God himself. :o)

    Love you friend!
    "Your history is not your destiny."--A. Cohen