Thursday, November 4, 2010

Project Finished and Projects To Be Finished

Such a rainy, cold evening. Staying inside where it is warm, waiting for my coffee to finish perking and then to settle in with hook in hand.

My baby boy round ripple is done, boxed and wrapped and ready for delivery. Its 46 inches and should keep the little guy comfy cozy for quite some time as he grows.

My doily of the month for November is almost completed and needs for a remake to test the pattern which will happen shortly and another round ripple (reminds me of sherbert with all the colors) underway. These two are the most current projects and in front of me at the moment, while several (understated!) others sit in the wings just waiting to be looked at and brought forward. (I really don't have the nerve to count how many are there!) I always say that I am going to finish my WIP's before starting another ... oh boy, never do follow through on that. But, hey, its crocheting, one of the love's of my life ... how can I resist?

And how many projects do you have?


  1. oh so special just like the little one who will use it. would love to see your wip list...
    hee hhee.

  2. Your round ripple is very nice - the little man will surely be kept warm. :)

    I have 3 projects going on - my version 2 hexagon afghan, my squircle afghan and another scrappy round ripple.

  3. The round ripple it's lovely, I want to make one of those...
    I updated today my projects at Raverly, and I have 7 WiPs!!!

  4. Well, you made me laugh! I've been saying for a month I can't start anything new until I finish at least five specific things that need only one or two more tiny things done. And guess what I did yesterday? I started a new project!!!

    Your ripple is beautiful!

  5. Oh thank you!! I'm not alone in my ever increasing WIP's. Love having the company!

  6. Love your round ripples, Gloria...very nice! :)

    I tend to have more WIM than WIP. LOL I crocheted a lot today, trying to finish up those stand covers I am edging. Then I want to get cracking on some Christmas presents...crocheted and some embroidery work as well. So, hopefully, soon my WIM will be WIP. :D

  7. Very Nice!!!

    I have 3 projects going right now... I just pick one up and work on it... get tired of that... do a different one... Does that sounds familiar?


  8. i love the ripple what beautiful colours. I have a few projects on the go my patch work, and a dress, and i did actually manage last night to work out how to do the loop and make a chain with crochet so i was really chuffed, it took ages trying to hold the loop on the stick while at the same time looping over the wool ;-)) Your projects are beautiful and i love seeing them, they inspire me to try. Dee x

  9. Oh the joy of a completed project, and one so lovely.. The little chap will be warm ..:))
    How many wips do I have ? to many, LOL :)

  10. Your round ripple afghan is beautiful and will be a most appreciated gift I'm sure. I've never even tried a regular ripple much less a round one. I can't even tell you the number of crochet projects I have unfinished from afghans to scarves to doilies. As for cross-stitchings, I have some from the 80's and 90's that have never been finished. Just like with cleaning, I say I will keep up and be organized. Never happens! Hope you have a great weekend. It is bright and sunny over here. Best wishes, Tammy

  11. :o) My sister said to me just day before yesterday that I should finish the one I'm working on before starting another one. SHE is the disciplined one don't you know. I don't dare count how many WIP's I have!! xoxo

  12. Hi Glor,
    Yes you always have companies, as so do I! Never have only one project at a time! I started a hat yesterday night and now I am thinking to a new bag, but not sure what else for tomorrow! heheh...
    Your ripple is great!

  13. Oh yes, crochet really can be a "love" of your life!
    I so know how you feel.....

    I love the way our wrote your post...perking coffee and picking up your hook....I'm doing the same here today!

    well, I will be after reading a few more blogs!

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina