Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crochet Along Begins

Rising Sun Doily

I am using a size 4 steel hook (2.00 mm) and size 10 crochet thread (the pattern calls for size 20 crochet thread and size 10 steel hook), so my doily is larger measuring about 18 inches. The 4 hook and size 10 thread is bigger and better for my hands. Many like to use a 7 hook. Use whatever is comfortable for you.

The post prior to this will be updated to include all rows so that the pattern will be altogether in one place. A post will be made saying that new rows have been added. On the side bar on the right you will see Crochet Along and the pattern Rising Sun.  Go there for the pattern to date.

New rows will be added a few times a week, but feel free to work ahead if you want using the pattern link.  Work at your own pace, there are no time limits.  The goal is to have a good time and end up with a pretty doily.   My written instructions will not contain any crochet abbreviations so that anyone new to crochet will be able to join in easier (I hope!).

Any suggestions, etc., will be appreciated.

Rows 1 to 4 are ready and waiting.
  Let's have fun!


  1. I came across your post while surfing through google. I just wanted to say that I used this pattern with baby weight yarn and size F hook and it made a beautiful blanket! It's an awesome pattern!

  2. I started this doily tonight, Gloria. :) I decided to downsize it a bit though, for my own purposes. Instead of doing the QC, I'm doing TC in place of those. DC in place of TC, etc. So far it is working out OK for me that way. Whew! I almost always use #10 thread and a 4 or 5 hook, so I know it'll be bigger than what I want if I use the bigger stitches. That's why I downsized it a bit. Hope it's OK that I am doing that in this crochet along. I so want to be a part of it this time. :)

  3. I couldn't get the pattern link to work that's on the right-hand side of your blog.

  4. Well, I'm having a wee bit getting my mind around the quadruples. Havn't begun yet dear friend. the yarn is sitting there ready to roll...maybe tomarrow..hooks have been idle for a while, and I'm having concentration issues. Mayhap tomarrow I'll feel nad have the old head right. Today....slept the day away.
    I hope you get alot of participants, this is a beauty too. I like when you have these.I was able to get the pattern from the link you provided.