Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day Off - Some Info on the Crochet Along

Snow has been falling since last night so I am spending the day tucked inside with my hook, well, I do need to do a few household chores, but you can count on a steaming cup of tea this afternoon and fingers and thread and yarn moving.  Ahhhh, that sounds like music to my ears.

There are several who will be doing the crochet along.  This is so fun.  Just a little info for those who haven't done this before and have asked ... the pattern is an online pattern, I'll post the link (actually its also in a previous post).  Then I will write out a few rows of the pattern at a time, without abbreviations, crochet terms fully written out.  Additional rows will be posted a few times a week until done.  Work at your own pace, we'll be here.   I will be using size 10 crochet thread (a full ball will be required for all one color) and a size 4 steel hook.  Use whatever size hook you enjoy.  Many use a size 7.  Its up to you.  Just that different size hooks will yield a different size doily.  I am going to use two colors with the round part of the doily in white and the rest red.  Starting in a day or two.     


Keep warm and safe.


  1. I was just watching the news about all the snow again. Yikes! Good to know you are spending the day at home. I can't believe it actually snowed in the South, places that only usually ever see a few flurries, if that. Crazy weather for sure. Have fun crocheting. Tammy

  2. This is my first visit to your blog...your work is gorgeous! I am definitely going to join your CAL! The doily is gorgeous! Thanks for doing this!

  3. Stay safe and warm........It is nasty in some places... Hugs from South Texas ...Birgit

  4. Okay, so I'm feeling really stupid now...after reading through more blogs I got the gist of a crochet along and I'm TOTALLY in. I found the pattern as well by looking around. Sometimes I'm an airhead. ;0) Thanks!!

    Pam in Brussels, Belgium

  5. Hi Miss Gloria checking in......sounds like a perfect day...stay cozy...I'll check my yarn stash and see if I have a full ball.

    enjoy your day...basketfull to you.

  6. I suppose you know I'm in love with your snowflake good morning!!!

    Wish I had time for your CAL. It's been ages since I made a doily, and it would be a very welcome break from snowflakes! I will poke in to check progress though. Your red and white recipe sounds very Valentine-y!

  7. I LOVE your good morning animation!

  8. YaY! I'm giddy with anticipation! I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to use one or two colors and which color(s) that will be. :D

    I can't wait!
    Thank you for all that you do for us my very special friend.
    Love ya!
    Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.--William Wordsworth

  9. I probably won't have time to crochet along, but I'll be sure to look up your pattern and give it a try when time allows.

  10. I cannot participate but love to see how things unfold. This is a great opportunity for everyone.