Friday, January 28, 2011

Different Degrees of Progress

for the Crochet Along and oh so beautiful.  These are a few of the participants.  Just look at the colors and  the combo.  Aren't these magnificent.  I really do like this pattern and in each color I see I want one just like it.  The first is Alujala of  Aluajala's Cockroaches  Can't you just picture a vase of sunflowers?  Talk about bright and sunshine.

And the deep purple by Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick.  She's going to edge this with pink.  Won't that be stunning!

Pammy Sue's of
Scotty's Place with this chocolate and ecru combo.  I've looked for the chocolate thread locally without success and now will have to look on line as I love this combo and have to have this!

And Pam of Holloway Family Adventures  I wasn't able to enlarge the picture but you can certainly see how gorgeous this is.  The thread is exquisite.

As for me ... I was almost done last night when I discovered a mistake ... blahhhh! ... so ripped out the last two rows and on a redo hopefully today.  I want to get the last four rows posted this weekend as I will be away for most of next week.

To a fabulous friday
of crocheting!


  1. Yes, sunflowers is what I first thought of when I saw the gold doily. It's beautiful.

  2. Love 'em all! :D

  3. They are all so lovely! Hope you were able to get yours done. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Ooh such different beautiful doilies! I loved them all and can't wait to see all of them finished! So glad I decided to participate in your CAL, Glor :)

  5. They're all coming along very nicely - I love the different colors. :)