Friday, January 7, 2011

Snowy Friday

Since the early morning hours the snow continues to fall.  Now tucked warm and safely inside I can enjoy the wonders of winter.  Darkness has now fallen and the hush of the new snow blankets us.  The sound of the stillness is always so full of comfort. 

This was a prefect afternoon for thoughts of crochet and Debi's Sweet Heart pattern.   I got out my newly acquired Red Heart Size 3 Crochet Thread (I love this thread, so very soft), bought to match my cupcake decoration and plates (obviously for February) and worked up one of Debi's Sweet Hearts.  I love them with my plates (from the dollar store last year).

The next one will have to wait a bit, back to working on the doily, hope to get it finished this weekend. 

Wherever you are, wherever you go, keep safe and warm.



  1. It's very pretty glor - I like the red. :)

  2. Love the heart and the plate. Would like a set like those. I enjoy the quiet and still after a snow. We have snow of the forcast for Monday. I hope we get it, keeping fingers crossed! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Love the red and prop :))
    Hot here today and crochet only in cotton. A new doily in filet :))
    Have a great weekend ..

  4. The heart on the plate is just a lovely site. What a sweet gift this pattern is for all those that can still work with thread. I am trying not to be jealous....its not working.

  5. A snow day tucked safely inside sounds wonderful. Of course, I just spent a day and a half in bed but not of my own choice. Feeling much better today. Your heart turned out so beautifully and matches perfectly with that pretty plate. Best wishes to you for a lovely weekend. Tammy

  6. Happy day dear friend...I didn't know red heart made thread...very pretty..