Sunday, January 30, 2011

Telling What I Enjoy

and linking up to Faith's Simple, Vintage and Crochet  for Monday's Do Tell What you Enjoy ...

I enjoy trying new recipes,
and truth be told, eating them!

I enjoy being silly.
It makes me feel like a kid again.
I really never want to grow up.
I enjoy laughter.
One of the best sounds in the world.
I enjoy the holidays.
The preparations and the anticipation.

So Do Tell,
 What DoYou Enjoy?

 See you at Faith's.


  1. I enjoy my family. friends.Crafting,reading. baking and cooking. I enjoy a good cup of coffee sitting across from hubby and sharing or reminiscing about things.. Thanks for your visit Gloria.. Hugs Birgit

  2. Hi Glor! I enjoy blogging, crafting, junking, reading God's Word...anything many things! Hope you have a fabulous week, gal!


  3. Thanks for stopping over to What do you enjoy...the linky has been fixed..Beauty to your day...I added your link as you asked after I got Linky up...

  4. ps....Thank you for direction over to my place,
    I appreciate you so much.

  5. You have such a sweet spirit and a way of touching one with your words. Thank you for the kind comment on the loss of my friend.

  6. So many things....reading and crocheting are at the top of the list though.

  7. The smell of rain on hot bitumen..

    My own bed after a holiday.. (ahh)

    A finished project..

    Relaxing with my crochet and a cuppa .. :))

  8. Hi Glor, I was beginning to wonder what's up since you haven't posted, but then I remembered you said you would be away for most of this week. Right? Hope all is well! Best wishes, Tammy