Friday, March 11, 2011

Putting Things in Perspective

Many places to be, many things to do.  Some time will be taken to work on and complete a project of my favorite craft ... the second round ripple blanket is six and a half rows away from completion and then both will be sent to their destination to await the arrival of twins.   Pictures to follow shortly.   My adorable snowman stitch along will be given attention to this weekend as well with a wonderful new SAL in the wings.

My weigh-in was a minor disappointment with a gain instead of a loss.  More attention will be paid to meals for the next week.  An April 3rd wedding to attend and the dress to wear would appreciate a few less pounds ... enough said.

I suppose I could go on and on, but I think you will get the message ... here I can sit and do and be that which I pretty much want when so many parts of the world right now are devastated to the worst possible conditions.  I am so very blessed.  I should never, ever complain.   I am so saddened by the disasters that have taken place.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all.  


  1. Good luck to you on your meal planning and all. And such a wonderful sentiment in your last couple of sentences. I too have been feeling blessed to not have disaster at my door, and my heart goes out to everyone effected.

  2. Yes, it does put a perspective on things..
    we have blessings galore

    weight does go up and down dear girl, stay on the point you'll be fine..I'm sure you will be beautiful the April 3rd will be just lovely....blessings..and bounty....

  3. Don't get too down Glor. Some weeks go that way, and you just have to get right back up on your horse!! Remember, slow and steady wins the race!! YOU can do it!!
    : ) I am cheering you on!
    I weigh in tomorrow.

  4. Ah, Glor, you help make the world so much more beautiful! I'm adding my hand to your 'support group'! If you ever need a cheering on, I'm here for you. I'm working on NOT losing weight too fast, so just send me your extra ;) We'll get through it all together!

  5. Hi Glor, you can't always except a weight loss. Your body is adjusting to the changes you have made. Besides, it isn't always about losing, but about how you feel. I feel great when I make the right food choices. When I don't, I feel icky! When I eat too much at nite, I really feel sick the next day. Literally like a food hangover. Yuck! It was the excercise that really helped me to lose the weight. Even now, if I gain over the summer or on holidays, just getting back to eating right is not enough -- a few weeks of walking using jumpstarts my metabolism again. Don't worry -- you'll do great as you have set your intention and that is the first step to success. I've done a lot of crocheting this weekend. Guess tomorrow, when it is back to school, I will actually have to do some cleaning in the afternoon. I keep saying I want to make a schedule. I'll try to work on that this coming week so that when the weekend comes, I don't have to worry about cleaning at all. That's my goal!

    Yes, the news out of Japan is heart wrenching. The earthquake was bad enough but the resulting tsunami was devasting! We talked to our Japanese friend whose family is okay, as well as his wife's, but his associates in the office in Japan are stuck with no way out. Trains are not running and most Japanese rely on the transit system.

    We all should count our blessings each and every day and give gratitude each second of the day.

    Sending hugs and blessings your way, Tammy