Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's Doing Wednesday

Threads ... Yarn ... and more Threads ...

The stitch along has begun and this is my opening day progress.  I'm quite please with the solid color.

My round ripple is now just three rows from completion.  It will finish at 40 inches.  Once that is done, another one to be made.  Those twins boys are due soon so I really need to get the hook moving here.

My first cross stitch project, in probably decades, is about three quarters done.  I am visualizing a mini Christmas tree next year with my snowman cross stitch pillows or ornaments.  A small tree to leave out all year and change the ornaments to the season which would be mostly cross stitch.  Wouldn't that be nice?  And that means got to get the needle moving as well.

Hope you can take some time
to do what you love
on this Wednesday.


  1. lovely......I like the idea of the mimi tree with different ornaments for the simple and lovely...your stitchery is coming along fast, can't wait to see the it all done.

  2. Nice! They're both beautiful.

  3. You are busy bee! Your projects look lovely - I've yet to crochet a round ripple baby afghan. It looks so pretty!

  4. All your projects are coming along so nicely. Love your snowmen! It's funny how much enjoyment these little snowmen are giving us, isn't it. : )

  5. Love how the round ripple is looking! I'm off to a slow start today but think I'll start something new before Wednesday is over.

  6. You really are very busy and everything looks
    wonderful (: