Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

Here he is ... my sweet little snowman, the first Stitch Along with  Stitchy Mc Floss  .  I just love this little guy and he will be a wonderful complement to my snowmen collection. I think he will be a little pillow.   It has been years since I have done cross stitch and am enjoying it immensly. 

 SAL #2 (a beautiful heart Jody Designs, Inc Ornaments ) is already underway by several days so I'm a bit behhind although there really is no deadline which is nice because we do at our own pace.  I did a handful of stitches last night but started on an 18 count fabric and not sure that I will continue with that and or restart on the 14 count which right now is a little kinder to the eyes.  Will see tonight.

And as if that wasn't enough, Stitchey has told us that someone has created a special Easter SAL just for us.  The big reveal of the designer and chart will be April 1st ... ohhhhh, can't wait to see it.

Off to start my day, thankfully yesterday's snow is gone and I hope now stays away (at least until next winter).  Blessings and all good things...

Have a good day.


  1. Your snowman is so CUTE Glor, and it's definitely inspiring me to get moving on my own Blessings Cross Stitch again! I've neglected it for so long now, even though I've enjoyed doing what I've done so far on it. It's not as if it was a project I got discouraged with or something, I just got side-tracked with other things.. partly my new found interest scrapbooking, I guess... I did notice the rain later seemed to melt whatever inch or so of snow we got here, yesterday; but I'm hearing, that we've got even MORE snow coming... on at least TWO particular days specifically, in the week or so ahead. UGH!!! I'm not so sure Old Man Winter will be going out like a lamb at this point! Still, I'm going to cross my fingers and hope for better. Maybe we can find comfort knowing it wouldn't be the FIRST time the weathermen were wrong about the forecast, right? ~tina

  2. he is a cutie,love the precious snowman.

  3. What what a wonderful job you did! He is just so sweet. This was the first time for me doing an "red work" piece and I really liked it.

    I can't see to stitch on 18 aida, but I can see 18 mesh needlepoint canvas, isn't that crazy! I will be using 14 count for our Easter SAL...so I know that will be easy on the eyes.

    Blessings always :)

  4. Love your snowman, Gloria. Great job on the stitching! :D

  5. Just lovely! I hope you will share a photo of some of your snowman collection sometime. Maybe when it's hot and we're all wishing it would cool off!

  6. He's wonderful! I am really behind on the new SAL too.... such a cool pattern though