Friday, April 27, 2012

Finding Fabulous on Friday in a thought ...

I try to leave Fridays open for me and although it doesn't work out too often, every one in a while I succeed and here I am on the home front this morning.  Puttering about,  laundry done, sauce (or gravy as some call it) simmering on the stove, bathrooms cleaned and a short break with a cuppa to visit here for a moment. 

I have been thinking for a while that I would like to compile information on crocheting, maybe a book, on what crochet means to me/you.  I always find fabulous in crocheting and I'm sure you do too.  Why you enjoy it, what does it bring to others or not, what are the memories it holds.  For example, it brings joy in creating a blanket for an expected new arrival, brings comfort in the form of a prayer shawl, provides coziness and warmth on the cold winter's night, etc., etc.,  Do you think I could get enough responses, stories?  How do I get the word out?  Not too long ago on a blog I read of a young woman's being taught by her grandmother and what a beautiful read.  The passing of such a wonderful craft with such love.

Should I devote a post every so often to ask for these?
One of my friends speaks of crochet as an old friend.  Always there, ready to roll.  And the finished product ... well, that speaks volumes.

Just sharing my thought of today with you and wondering what you think?
Hoping to hear ...
Have a fabulous weekend...


  1. hi I think that would be a marvellous idea, i'm sure there are loads of people who would be up for that kind of idea, as you say there are loads of wonderfull crochet related blogs, go for it

  2. Hi Glor, I think that's a great idea. There's Chicken Soup for the soul. Stories of inspiration. But then there is crafting for the soul -- for many of us, our hobbies are what define our days or brng us joy at those crazy times; soothing our souls during times or sadness. I honestly don't know what I did before crafting, cross-stitching and crocheting became a part of my life. Blessings to you, Tammy

  3. I say go for it..I love reading and hearing others stories..I find I meet more kindred spirits in the yarn department of Joann's. We share stories, patterns and our lives through our yeah..go for it..Blessings

  4. Sounds like a plan...roll with it and see where it takes you...:) Thanks for stopping by my place to visit.

  5. Great idea!
    My mom taught me to crochet (as well as to knit and to cross-stitch) and I always think about it as one of the most wonderful gifts she has given me in life. I also love to remember times when I was a little girl and we worked on some projects together such as a bed spread made of motifs.

  6. What a fabulous idea! I had my two grandgirls this past weekend, and my oldest grand, who is 5.5, is so very interested in my crochet and knitting. I am very close to teaching her how to do it. For me, I learned as a very young girl, from a favorite Auntie. But I never learned more than to single and double crochet, and I was never taught to read a pattern. It is only in the last couple of years, that I have decided to really learn. The internet has been such a wonderful tool for me. My middle daughter has a son, and she is a single Mama. I made the decision to care for him for her while she works full time, when he was just born. It was not in the plan for my life, but has proven to be such a wonderful thing. I began to blog to ward off feelings of isolation after having been out running wild free and then having such a change in my circumstance. Blogging brought me to crochet, and the rest is history!