Sunday, April 4, 2010

Baby Blanket Progress

I am still enjoying my latest square pattern. I can see that I will be making several of these.

I have also found a few other squares (I will share at another time) which not only look beautiful but are great for using up scrap yarn.

Will have to pick up another skein of white tomorrow as I am running low. In the meantime I have started joining some of the squares.

Eight squares are done, I think maybe 4 more to complete the blanket for 30" x 40" before a border. I think that should be big enough.

Loving Crochet!


  1. Oh how beautiful!!!!

  2. I love your squares - I'll have to try them one day.

  3. Are those the same squares you're making for Bev? Your blanket is going to be so pretty. Can't wait to see it finished!

  4. Yes,the same squares. I just love this pattern. I can't wait to see it finished too! Trying to decide what kind of edging I should put on it, any suggestions?

  5. you do beautiful work Glor..elaborate how you connect the squares so nicely...