Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Itching to Knit

I have set this book out after seeing the lovely blanket I posted about a few days ago. I did make this little sweater quite a while ago but I am painfully slow.

It amazes me how soft knitting can make yarn feel plus I loved the look of it. I do find coordinating two knitting needles a little difficult but I think I am ready to tackle this little blanket.

Besides, I am almost finished with one of the two baby blankets I have been working on. Started the edging last night and maybe will have done tonight (this week). Oh yes, do have "several" thread projects in the hopper (yes, I have lost count of exactly how many ...) but now that I have only one yarn project I can start another. (How's that for rational for starting another project?) Knitting and tatting, neither of which I can do, have been on my list of to do for a long time. I would love to conquer knitting, hopefully this is my start.

The Best To Your Day.


  1. You'll do fine. You have the desire to want to learn how to knit and that's half the battle. I am glad I know how to knit so I can switch off between crocheting and knitting. I prefer to crochet, but knowing how to knit and to read patterns opens up your horizons and enables you to have more options. I think some things, like clothes especially, look nicer knitted and vice versa. Good luck! Can't wait to see your first project :-)

  2. I tried teaching myself to knit and am having a slow go of it. It looks like you're doing a great job.

  3. I as well am attempting to teach myself to knit, but now that I've ran across this book called From Needles to Hook, which is a book about converting knitting patterns to crochet patterns, I may see how that works out. But in my mind and opinion, nothing beats the look of a knitted sweater. That little sweater is cute!