Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wonder of Wonders

The past two days have been just beautiful ... on the way out in the morning this is what we drive along. I am glad that after all these years I do not take for granted the marvels that surround us.

There are rows and rows and rows of apple trees just waiting to burst forth with blossoms. This should happen in a week or so.

At some points along the way you can see rows of trees for miles. It is breathtaking, such fullness of peace. It is quite silent except for the sound of an approaching car or the overhead plane now and then. Makes me wonder what it would have been like before this noise existed.

The cherry trees are in blossom now, when I tried to get a picture a car came up behind me so the picture was not to be. Maybe another day.

The beauty of flowering bushes and trees and ground cover.

And the most wonderful of all ... mom and dad are getting ready for the little ones. In a few weeks you will see mom marching around with her little ones. Its an amazing sight.

May peace be with you.


  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us, Gloria! Love 'em! :D

  2. So lovely! You are fortunate to live in such a rural area. Our weather is really yucky these days -- with dust and clouds and mugginess. Hope you have a fabulous Friday! :) Tammy

  3. thanks for sharing the photos! You're so lucky to live in such a beautiful spot. :D

  4. Beautiful pictures, Gloria! Hope we get to see more when the trees are full of fruit. :)

  5. Isn't Spring glorious? Life bursting forth in plants and animals - lovely photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wish you a very happy weekend, Glor :-)