Saturday, April 17, 2010

A few days in Washiongton, DC

The sites were just amazing. The ones I was most drawn to were the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Ford's Theater and The Peterson House.

Ford's Theater, where Abraham Lincoln was shot. At one time you were able to go into the box but we were not able to.

A remnant of the actual flag which was on the theater box where Lincoln sat. The coat he was wearing.

The Peterson House, where he died the following morning.

The bed where he died. Oh I almost forgot to mention that we were there on April 14th ... 145 years to the day when President Abraham Lincoln was shot. I found it odd that we were there on the day, it wasn't planned either.

There was so much to see. The weather was perfect, the metro (buses, rails) made it very easy to get around. The Smithsonian was amazing and HUGE. So much left unseen, a place to visit again and again.

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  1. That is on my to-do and see list...everyone I talked to who has gone was very impressed...I love historical sights and traditions.

    Thanks for sharing!