Sunday, April 18, 2010

Apple Blossom Time

When we arrived in Washington, DC last week we just missed the cherry blossoms; finished for another year.
Returning home we are almost at the end of the apple blossoms. Although not as lush as it would have been last week it is still quite beautiful. I still find this such an amazing sight. The sounds of the orchards ...such blessed silence. His graces and touch are so apparent.
ps...these are taken from my back yard.


  1. What lovely photographs!

    Oh, how I wish I could be there for apple picking time ;-) and for the cherries too - might be worth taking a trip to Washington. I love getting fruits and veggies right from the source. A few years ago I went apple picking in Maine and that was a very satisfying and rewarding experience.
    Have a blessed day!
    Doris :-)

  2. Beautiful pictures, Gloria! Thanks for sharing them. Bummer that you just missed the cherry blossoms in DC though. I have been to DC before but never during cherry blossom time and I have heard it is beautiful. :)

  3. This is your backyard??????? Oh wonderful, it goes on and on....what a lovely back yard..I'll bet it is pretty in the fall too. The sound of nice isn't it?

    Bet there is lots o bakin around apple time. Do you make sauce? The pictures on your blog are beautiful..

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    Oh to have a lane of apple trees in bloom, reminds me of something out of Anne of Green Gables.

    Blessings on your day.

  5. Came from another blog, because I crochet too -right now a baby blanket, but...the blooming apple trees just look like in Holland where I used to live, and that Vincent van Gogh painted -such good memories -thank you for sharing them!