Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Have a good day ...

Off and out to dodge the droplets again today but thinking of the May flowers to come!

May blessings be rained down upon you.


  1. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I think you should knit your scarf. It would give you lots of practice with different knit stitches. (That's the main reason I am doing mine in Tunisian is to practice new stitches that I find or need to improve upon. It's been excellent practice.)

  2. Oh Glor, we're getting the rain here too!.. and it's just a little too cold for my liking, after all this beautiful weather we were starting to get!.. Oh well, it's a good day for spring cleaning, or baking... or maybe working on a craft project of one sort or another while watching a good movie... Of course I think that last choice sounds pretty good! Don't you?! ~tina

  3. Beverooni, the Tunisian is also something I need to practice on and as your scarf looks so beautiful I may have to think about doing that as well. Tina, I think that's a wonderful idea ... I'll make the popcorn, what movie shall we watch?

  4. Thank you so much for paying me a visit and leaving such encouraging comments! It means a lot to me. :-)

    I've visited your other blogs too, always wonderful to meet a sister in the faith!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  5. It was sunny in my neck of the woods today...but rain is on the way for tomorrow. I'm glad because it will make the flowers grow!

  6. You are really coming along with the knitting. I tried it but just couldn't get the hang of it so will stick with crocheting. Right now I am not doing much of anything but trying to get motivated. Just feel so tired each evening. We didn't get any rain yet -- not sure if dust or rain will come first. Probably dust. Happy Wednesday to you. :) Tammy