Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Morning

We have sunshine today and its a little warmer with very warm temperatures predicted for tomorrow (87) ...

I am almost done with "Stephie's Doily". Picked it back up the night before last. I have just one and a half points to go. Don't know what the glitch was that I was having a problem with last week as it seems to be working out just fine right now. Sometimes its just so much better to put a project down for a while and let it sit when that happens.

Hope to finish tonight and then back to some knitting!
Have a great day!

Wishing you Rays of Sunshine.


  1. Ooh..this is pretty...I find the pineapple can be tricky, if I'm tired, or loose count, my pineapples are are is best to put it down..but it lovely.

  2. Beautiful! I am almost finished with the tablecloth I have been working on for my DIL. One more row! Yippee! I discovered several errors while following the graph, but no one but me will ever know!:)

  3. That's a beautiful doily. Pineapple doilies were my mom's favorite things to crochet. I'm glad I have a few around the house that she made. That will make a lovely gift!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! You have such a wonderful talent!

  5. Lovely!
    It brings back memories of my sweet grandmothers doilies.

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  6. As it is with most everything, walking away, taking a breather, always bring a fresh viewpoint and things manage to work out. I find that happens sometimes at work when I have a computer glitch. :) Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the weather. Happy hooking! Tammy