Saturday, September 18, 2010

Christmas Granny Progress

Isn't it just great when you find a project that you not only love how the finished piece will look but you enjoy the making of it too! This is an easy to do, fun project. You could really just do smaller squares ending with the white for a fabulous Christmas throw as well.

Maybe its the colors themselves that add to the enjoyment, Christmas is certainly a favorite time. Whatever, I am so glad that I came upon this pattern.

Soon to be ten squares completed. I'm having trouble putting it down to give time to other projects, maybe when these last five are done, only needing one row of navy.

Have a Spectacular Saturday!


  1. They're looking real good glor - can't wait to see the finished afghan. :)

  2. Hi Glor..
    oh this is pretty too...looking forward to the finished product.

  3. Hi Glor!

    Where did you find the instructions on that Granny Square? That looks very pretty. It would make a Great Christmas afghan to have out. Yours is looking great!!!
    ~ Susan

  4. Yes! That's good for the heart and soul when you enjoy making it as much as the finished look, doncha think? That is beautiful, btw.

  5. Your squareng beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished project. :)

  6. Ooooooh....they're so pretty! I can't wait to see the finished blanket!! Hope you're having a wonderfully blessed weekend my friend.

    Anita ♥

  7. Beeee-utiful! I've never done anything in Christmas colors, but I was thinking about trying a tree skirt this year. I don't need one, but thought they might be nice to sell.

    Be sure to head on over to my blog. A little chickie told me you've got an award waiting there.

  8. These look great Glor! I like your blog and have become a follower. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    xo, Karen

  9. Hi Glor,
    I love anything to do with Christmas and this is just beautiful! Thanks so much for visiting my blog all the time and leaving such sweet comments. You are a very special friend. Have a lovely Sunday!

  10. Your making great progress! It will be so pretty for Christmas.

  11. These squares are just beautiful! Getting me in the mood for the season.