Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Morning

This morning - very crisp air, stillness broken by the birds chatting to one another. It always amazes me how one will chirp and then others respond. This goes on for a while. Maybe they're planning on meeting for breakfast?

Its a beautiful morning, cool and still. Getting ready to leave shortly for work. Doesn't this picture just invite you to take a walk of solitude and prayer?

Earlier I was reading about troops getting ready for Afghanistan. My son will be one to go in the spring, seems some days I just can't get ahold of that, today is one of them.

May God bless and protect all our men and women who so bravely stand for freedom.


  1. Dear Glor,

    Your morning is filled with a mixture of emotions this morning. Loving the chill in the air, so much nicer to sleep at night. May God bless and keep your son, all the the sons and daughters, and their families who wait at home. I work with a lady whose son spent two tours in Irag..he is now safely home, and I remember how she felt, and I hugged her, and am sending you one now too... Prayers.... too..

  2. I pray for your son's safety too, and all those who will go with him. My own son wants to join the military. He's only 12 now, but has been saying this for some years. I will be proud of him if he decides to do so when the time comes, but I'm already worrying about him!

  3. What a beautiful picture. God bless your son, and all the others serving out there.

  4. It's the stillness of the morning that brings time for reflection. Sending all good wishes your way and prayers for your son and his safety. Your Christmas Granny is coming along nicely. Always fun to find an easy project that is quick to work up. I am not finding time to crochet at the moment. My day has been long and busy and now it is time for bed. Wishing you a great rest of the week. :) Tammy

  5. Oh Glor, Gal I know what you mean. My hubby went to Desert Storm, and it was definitely not an easy thing to wrap my brain around. I will pray for your son, that's for sure. At times like those I am always sooo glad that God can be where we can't.

    Lovely photo, too. Let's go for a quiet walk, shall we?
    Blessings and hugs, and prayers for peace in your heart!

  6. That is a very peaceful photo. May God bless your son as he prepares and goes.

  7. Glor I just love this picture..you can almost hear the silence and stillness of the early morn..smelling the fresh clean crisp air. Beautiful....