Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Progress ...

on three of my projects ...

1. Christmas Granny Afghan, yup, still loving it (of course not as much as when it will be finished!). Eighteen squares completely done, another 16 in different stages, let's see, that would be 34 squares, just under half the amount needed. Moving along nicely.

2. A doily started ... hope to work this through to learn the pattern so that I can do as a crochet-a-long and tutorial on-line as requested by an individual. I'm hoping this goes well.

3. Type up and get ready to post my October Pattern of The Month.

Three of how many you say? Let's just say ... I can be kept busy for quite some time!

Hooked on Crochet!


  1. Looks like you're making great progress, Gloria...keep up the good "work". :D

  2. Can't wait to see these projects finished, especially the Christmas Granny Afghan. I have some Christmas colored yarn I have had for years and have been waiting for the right pattern. Maybe a Granny it will be!

  3. Great Progress!!!

    I love those granny Squares... Where did you find the pattern for those?

    ~ Susan

  4. Love your Granny squares and the doily as well lovely colours!

  5. I never did conquer crocheting. My Grandmother tried her best to teach me, but swore my problem came from being left handed and thus everything was backwards. I have always admired the beauty of crocheted pieces like yours though.

  6. I love your Christmas squares.. They are beautiful...

  7. You are setting an example((smiles)) I am on a project and feel like I a spinning my wheels.Those lovely Christmas squares are just a joy to look at.

  8. I'm excited by all three of your (posted) WIPs - I know you have many more hiding away somewhere. AS DO I!!

    1) LOVE the holly-themed grannies! SO lovely.
    2) LOVE the 1918-era doily. I have been yearning to make a thread doily but it just keeps getting pushed down the list. I really like that cornsilk-color you're using
    3) LOVE seeing a journal with handwritten crochet instructions. Most interestingly, your handwriting appears to be very similar to my best friend's. Made my heart zing a bit to see it. :-)

    Have a great day!

  9. Your Christmas grannies look lovely - I wish I had that kind of patience to do all those color changes, working in the ends and then assembling the afghan...do you assemble as you go or sew or crochet the pieces after they are all finsihed? It will be LOVELY!

  10. Looks like your granny squares are coming right along. They are so beautiful! Getting me in the mood to dome something with Christmas Colors. I have those doily patterns, but haven't tried them yet....on my...the to do list is so long and life is so short. I so admire you talent at writing patterns....

  11. Still love love love those squares! Why don't you pop on over and include this link on WIP Wednesday?

  12. You inspire me to try to right my pattern creations down. Usually I just stitch and see what comes of it. Maybe next time I'll keep track of stitches so I can share the pattern.

  13. Your Granny Squares are great!
    Christmas Colours...so wonderful Picture.
    Have a nice Weekend,

    many Greetings Marion