Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Linking Up To Work In Progress Wednesday

As you saw I finally finished my granny ripple a few days ago, I have the Elegant Pineapple Afghan in progress but I just had to, had to I say, start my Christmas Granny. I'm sure you can understand ... there are never too many in progress projects when it comes to crochet and I'm hoping I have this for Christmas ... maybe.

The colors are so pretty ... burgandy, hunter green, soft white, cherry red, paddy green and navy ...

Two squares ... 68 to go. That's a lotta squares ... better get going. I think this will be a WIP for a while!


  1. Your squares are beautiful, Gloria! Have fun making the other 68. :D Hope you get it done in time for Christmas. I have a feeling you will. :)

  2. Love the squares! Can't wait to see them as you join them. Will you join some as you go or wait until you have all of them done?

    Thanks for popping in for WIP Wednesday!

  3. I love the colors you used for the Christmas Granny squares! That will be lovely when it's all finished! I started making some granny squares last year in pastel colors, and have made only 12 so far. They are in storage at the moment, as we moved early in the year. Hope to eventually get back to working on them. But the squares I am working on now, which you saw on my blog, are for an afghan. I hope I can get a lot, if not all, the crochet series, as each series has a different square to crochet, and eventually you make enough to finish the afghan.

  4. Perfect squares for Christmas! What do you do with the many projects you make, do you sell some, keep them or give them away, or a little of all three?

  5. Hola guapa!!!
    Es fantástico y con tu permiso me e apuntado la combinación de colores me gusta mucho.
    Te felicito guapa.
    Un abrazo

  6. I have always wanted to make a Christmas afghan.. I don't know WHEN I'll ever GET to it, but yours will be beautiful for certain!! ~tina

  7. the colors look great together!
    after seeing all the other afghans in the WIP posts, I am really wanting to start one myself. I haven't crocheted one in many years.
    I hope you will hop in and check out my WIP's too.

  8. I know how you feel - I don't even know how many more squares I've got to go ;) But, isn't it a blast to have a new project all lined up?! Yours will be beautiful.

  9. I don't blame you! Sometimes it's fun to have too many projects. You never get bored with color that way. Just go back and forth between projects.

    I love the colors you've chosen for your Christmas granny. Nice pattern, too!

  10. Wow... if I was making 68 more squares... I think It would be a long WIP for me.... I have too many other things to make...;-)


  11. So pretty Glor! But I sure love the pineapple one!! Can't wait to see that one done!
    Hope you're having a wonderful week!!