Sunday, October 31, 2010

Treasure Received

Friday night arrived home, scooped up the mail from the mail box, dashed into the house, sorted the mail and what did I see???? This little package, immediately noticing the return address of Carmelina of Creative Carmelina and I'm thrilled. I was picked to received one of her tags.

Now I'm intrigued by the package itself. The back side has a tag note, I see the sides are stitched together. She has made her own envelope, a magazine page ... I cut one side open (as I want to save everything!) and out slides this vogue pattern piece tied with this thread and most delicate thread flower/flake. I'm loving this already.

Inside the pattern is the tag ... isn't it wonderful? Have you ever seen such creativity? Everyday items put together to create such a touch of elegance.

Thank you Carmelina for such a treasure.
Thank you for such inspiration.


  1. Oh wow, Gloria! How pretty and what a fun thing to receive! :D

  2. That is so lovely Gloria, and how lucky you were to receive it, quite the little treasure.. :))

  3. Oh, how very fun to win that very creative tag!

  4. Oh how lovely!! I love mail art...both giving and receiving (you should peek at my art and journaling blog)!

    What a gorgeous tag found inside too!

    Life is more fun if you don't keep score. --Author Unknown

  5. How lovely and generous... :)) A Very interesting way of sending mail.. I love it :))

  6. a lovely gift for a lovely lady....

  7. Hello! so sorry I've not been here to peek in at this post! I'm thrilled that you liked the tag and all of it's wrapping! it was my pleasure to make and share with you!

    hope you have a wonderfully creative day!

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina