Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crochet-Along Begins ...

The 1918 Doily is beginning, the instructions that I am posting are my interpretation of the pattern and I hope I will do justice to this beautiful doily and hopefully we all will have a wonderful piece when we are done. Please let me know how this is working out and if I am clear enough, etc.

On the side bar is the the crochet-along. I will write a post when new rows have been added. The first 5 rows are posted.

Have fun!


  1. Thanks for the CAL Glor I would love to join if thats ok.. I am still crocheting for gifts and this one looks like I could really enjoy making.
    Have a blessed day:))

  2. Hi Glor, thank you for stopping by my place this morning..I have added the border around the '56 doily, I'll try to get to it today to starch it. I do the the depression glass pieces, especially those which are handed down. It does look inviting, thanks for stopping over and chit chatting with me. I would like to make the '18 doily, need more thread yarn I am sure Have a wonderful day..

  3. Can't wait for more CAL instructions. Have a great weekend.