Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Sunshine and Progress

and welcome to October!

Two days of rain led to a most glorious day today. Clear, cool and bright, bright sun. What sights to behold nature's coloring.

Lot of home things to do today including getting the paint brush going in the kitchen again, and of course some crocheting this evening.

Have made some progress on the 1918 doily I am making. This is my interpretation of the pattern so far:

So far I'm finding this a wonderful pattern for a doily of simple elegance.

Have a wonderful fall day.


  1. Fall has definitely arrived in all its beauty to your area. I'm sure the rain helped to make everything bright and beautiful. Love your latest doily project. Best wishes for the remainder of your weekend. It's back to school and work for us tomorrow. :) Tammy

  2. Your doilie is very pretty indeed. It looks very delicate :)

  3. Oh Glor this is so pretty..and 1938 on top of it..looking always fro vintage patterns..where did you get the pattern for this lovely.

  4. Is the October of the month pattern? mayhap?
    I really like the vintage patterns. One can never have too many doilies....hee hee...

  5. on close up, (its me again) what color is this thread your using. The picture looks Ivory, when you close it up it has a pinkish ivorytone
    really pretty. Do I recognize cl tr? Really pretty, can't wait to see your Vintage Beauty