Saturday, October 23, 2010

Last Roses of The Season for a Special Day

On the way into church tonight passed the rose bush by the rectory. My first thought was there's roses ... then that they looked like paper roses, so perfect and this late in the year.

I was glad that I had my camera. This was like receiving a gift. A spiritual gift. Something I needed. Mass was the Saturday vigil mass for tomorrow ... October 24th, the date of my mother's passing. I offered mass for her. Its been 6 years.

We so often butted heads, but also often had good times. Whatever we had or didn't have, she was my mother and I loved her, still do. Thanks for the roses, pink ones. Pink was her favorite color.

To mom with love,


  1. So sweet. My mother passed 8 years ago and I miss her so much. Nice there were beautiful flowers to remind you of your mother. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. What a beautiful rose and a nice reminder of your mom! Sending hugs and good wishes your way.

    I may be a fast crocheter, but am definitely not a talented one. You will laugh when I post about your crochet-a-long which I tried. I think it's a bowl -- or a hat! Ha!

    Best wishes, Tammy PS I'm thinking a 3-day weekend sounds good to me right about now. :)

  3. Glor,
    What a beautiful rose, and tribute to your mom.
    It was most definately a spiritual gift, for it touched your soul.Against the beautiful blue wide open sky of heaven...thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. A special day indeed. I'm glad those roses were blooming for you. :)

  5. A beautiful way to remember your mum... Dee x

  6. Good morning Glor,The rose is beautiful flower.
    So lovely to read your post this morning :)) Mums are special ppl, and like all kids we all had/have our "moments" where we thought we knew best:)) My mum has been gone 20 odd years, and still miss the love and smiles..
    Have a blessed day :))

  7. That is just a perfect bloom. How wonderful to have that lovely image on the day your mom passed.

  8. Dear Glor, what a sweet comment..I thank you so much for those very kind words. I too, wish we were able to sit and chit chat more, and maybe go garaga saling or thriftin..and of course move the hook. Thank Goodness for the blog....I feel the connection we have is refreshing to my soul....we are friends in the heart.....have a beautiful day.. I am glad you like the picture, I have one more taken I will post, done within minutes of this one..the sky is a different shade of blue so awesome, and a puffy white cloud, looking up
    of course from the picnic table by the lake.