Monday, December 27, 2010

Have A Good Evening

 Stayed put today, work rescheduled to other days.  After several hours of snowblowing and digging out the driveway is clear and tomorrow will resume normal schedule.  It was hard to tell how much snow we actually got.  With the wind some areas were completely clear with four foot drifts in others.  When I opened my garage door half of it was drifted well over my height ... 5' 7". 

Kept the crochet hook busy this afternoon, my doily almost completed.  Not sure if I will use this pattern for a crochet along as I seem to have had many adjustments to make and not sure that I could convey them properly ...still deciding.  Even though, I do like the results.

I do have to say our snow is such a pretty sight.  However, I can be happy with not too many days like this.  Cold weather I can deal with, the wind chill not so much.  But hey, I can't and shouldn't complain, the soft white blanket covering the orchard is a sight to behold.  As the darkness falls and the wind has died the hush of the snow speaks, such a cozy, comforting "sound".    Blessings of the season for sure.

Peaceful night.


  1. I love that you find things for Liz & Grace, so pretty are they in the snowglobe today...I like that hushed muffled sound when it snows alot...and it is so pretty and pristine when first it falls..oh, and the blue overcast it makes at nightime lighting the darkness. That is the first day...the second day...sun to melt it all..hee hee....

  2. Yes, that's what I like about snow, the silent, white blanket that covers the world and makes it look all sugar coated and pretty...glad you got some crocheting done. Don't envy your snow shoveling/blowing...but would love to be in it once more... maybe next Christmas!

  3. Wish there was snow in our part of the world although we are in our summer we are having a lot of rain. Anyway love your winter picture, could you tell me where you got it from please?