Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's Doing Wednesday

 Hitting the floor running this morning.  Just taking a quick second to say good morning, and wherever you are keep warm or cool and safe with abundant blessings to your day.  Tis the season. 


We're certainly experiencing bundling weather.  Duhhhh, it is December ... oh yeah, right!  Doesn't mean I have to like this cold.  I do like the Christmas spirit though and it certainly will make it easier on Santa and his Reindeer!



  1. Good morning Glor! Would ya look at that little penguin! How CUTE is he?!.. It is VERY cold these days!.. Our daytime temps are in the TEENS!.. And nope! No way.. I simply was not made for THIS! Brrrr is right, and I'm staying IN! In my spare time, I'll be Christmas cookie baking, crocheting, reading, or watching Christmas movies! Stay warm and have a good day! ~tina

  2. Well, yes you do..if your temps are like mine here in Ohio. 15 degrees with a wind chill in the single digits. That is the primary reason school was cancelled 2 days. It is already 23
    whoopeee...we are having a heat wave. I'm with Beansie....bake,crochet & read...what happened to fall?

  3. Good morning! I love the cold. I suffer all summer long and this is my reprieve from summer hell.

    I'm a happy penguin LOL

  4. Remember my post about the two "feet" of snow? Well, we got it overnight. I can't believe it. You always have such beautiful posts. They are the perfect way to start my day.

    (After Christmas can we do another doily CAL?)

  5. Hi Glor, I like the cold winter months hibernating indoors by a warm cozy fire. Hope you have a nice day and stay warm! Heather

  6. We just have a sprinkling of the white stuff here.