Friday, December 10, 2010

Totally enthralled

ever since I saw Clara and Molly making snow ... with these precious snowflakes and stars

Sweetie the Snowflake can be found at and The Grandma Twinkle is here

Right now it seems that this is all I want to make ... I've made them in size 10 thread, size 5 and size 3...using hooks size 4, 0 and E and F and they are all fabulous.  They are supposed to be enclosed in Christmas cards but somehow they keep making their way to spots around my house.  They just don't want to seem to leave me!  I'm not complaining, I just love these.  Well, back to crocheting as I really need to get some for cards, hopefully they will make their way into the envelope this time!

Thank you so much to those who so generously offer such beautiful patterns.  These are my new take-alongs when I go out.  I can see some pretty garlands in my future. 


  1. These are very cute! You got me interested in these because I also love making snowflakes and white shapes for my tree...your crochet fever is catching me ;-)

    Enjoy! (and I will too - thanks for the links!)

  2. Love them, Gloria! Your post has brightened my day. I was feeling a bit lonely tonight, in cyber land, and wanting a little project to make. I think this is just what I needed. Off to make some now. :D

  3. They're very nice glor - thanks for the links. :)

  4. They are lovely and would "sweet" on the tree. Thanks for links also .
    Have a great day :))

  5. Crocheting snowflakes is a very addictive activity! I gotta say, the ones that I made last year (the ones I actually kept and didn't give away anyhow) really did make my tree this year! I'll be posting a pic probably tomorrow. :o)

    Have fun making snowflakes my dear friend!
    Everything is possible for one who believes. -Mark 9:23

  6. I especially love the one on the wreath. Seems like such a perfect home!

    I think it's okay to keep some for yourself. You should be able to enjoy them just like the people who will receive the snowflake-filled cards!

  7. C'mon Doris put on your magnifying glasses and jump on in, that what I do...can't do the small stuff w/o them... Glor so pretty,and I see you put one on your perfect.
    where's the snow?

  8. Thanks for the mention and I see you've been hit with it too...the snowflake pattern has such a flow to it and then it's finished and the finished product is soooo pretty! These are the types of patterns we all want to keep forever because they really do work well! You've done a wonderful job decorating. Have a perfect day!

  9. Uh oh! Something else for me to try. Hubby finally brought our small tree down so I need to start making ornaments for it since I want everything to be handmade. I will have to check out the patterns tomorrow but now it is off to bed. Goodnite! Have a great rest of the weekend. :) Tammy

  10. Those are so lovely and just the right size. I make some snowflakes this year from a pattern book my mom had but they turned out giant. I used a hook that was too big for the pattern.

    But I found I kind of liked them big. I starched them and hung them from my chandelier in my workroom.

    I would like to make some smaller ones though and those are perfect to tuck in a card or hang on the tree...your idea of a garland sounds fun too.

  11. Thank you Glor, they are really really cute!
    Looking forward to see yours, it must be very lovely!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    PS: I finished the Holoday Doily using your pattern. Pls come to see it when you get a moment! Thanks again :)

  12. Gloria, good morning..having a cuppa in my new cup...saving the flavored for tomarrow when I am off....where is the snow...see your email...change b/ground color to see may be there but not showing......
    blessings abound for you today my dear friend.

  13. What an adorable use for a mini-star motif! Will have to keep this one in mind for next year's tree. =)