Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Staying Put

Such tough weather throughout the country, the midwest being pounded by snow, here in the east we're experiencing heavy rains and thunder storms due to such drastic change from the cold of the past few days.  All in all I think the rain is just fine.  Early morning church then in for the day, an unusual treat to be home on a Sunday.  Hmmm, what will I do ...

Found another sweet little star pattern ....   L.A. Is My Beat: A Garland of Stars  by Ellen Bloom ... adding to my carry along bag, although the hook will be flying this afternoon making these little treasures.  Three rows of crochet happiness!  Thanks to Ellen for sharing such a wonderful pattern!

A few thoughts rolling around in my brain for another doily, might give that a try and see where that goes. WIP's include a scarf, possibly a hooded scarf, and a  few afghans, doilies, table topper ... have to get serious on making two more baby blankets.  Leaning toward the round ripple pattern (again) but not really sure yet.  Might want to try something different, although both blankets will be the same pattern as they are for twins.



  1. It's snowin' like crazy here in my little spot of Tennessee and last I looked at the weather we were under a winter weather warning. I do pray you'll stay safe my friend. Thanks for the link to that adorable star!

    Much Love,
    Everything is possible for one who believes. -Mark 9:23

  2. So far it's been rain here too, although I guess it's to turn to snow eventually. As long as it doesn't give us a bunch of freezing rain, and my electric stays on, I will be content today. :)

    Baked some cookies and am about to make some snowflakes.

    Have a great day, Gloria!

  3. Sounds like the perfect day to stay inside Glor! Thanks for checking out my blog today. That little star looks really cute! I do believe I'm gonna have to give it a try today 'cause I'm staying inside too. The winds here have been up to 48 miles per hour. We had a few snow flurries earlier but it's clear and sunny right now. I hope that everyone who's getting hammered by all the snow does alright.

    Hugs XX

  4. This is just the cutest! You are so kind to share yours and give us the link! Thanks so much Glor and have just a wonderful day!!!!

  5. Thanks for mentioning my little star pattern! Enjoy it!

    Ellen B.
    "L.A. Is My Beat"

  6. Oh thank you Glor, The star looks so cute, I love it! it's generous of you to share us a lot of beautiful patterns as always! That's really a special gift! :)
    Big hugs from me!
    Enjoy your new day!

  7. It's been sort of windy and brisk, but nothing bad to speak of, but then this is the deep South and when does it ever get really cold? (at least not in my opinion!)

  8. Rain here again this arvo. Itis supposed to be Summer.. great afternoon for crocheting :))

  9. We are getting the started last night..but today yikes...schools are sleeping him and we are staying put today...moving the hook some...and batting down the hatches. Already have 4"...thankful none of have to go out...nice and tucked in right here.

  10. I almost wish for the rain instead of the huge amount of snow we got.

    Sounds like you have a lot of fun patterns rolling around in your head. Can't wait to see how they all turn out.

  11. Thanks for the link! Nothing like staying in and crocheting when the weather is bad!