Monday, December 27, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

Simple, Vintage and Crochet
A treasure that I count is the blog of a dear friend, Faith.  I always have found peace and serenity in the words that she so eloquently expresses.  Such beautiful thoughts are always shared.  She certainly has a gift with the written word.  That blog was Crochet By The Sea.  Due to an editing problem  the blog could not be used any longer and so Faith has started a new blog ...   
Simple, Vintage and Crochet.  Simple, Vintage and Crochet

In case you didn't know, wanted to let all know that Faith is still here, just in a new blog.  I know that I would be lost without her and know that you would be too.  Here's to continuing to enjoy the beauty that she brings to each of us.


  1. I've gone to her new blog and hope everyone will follow your link. She is a truly lovely person with a spot worth visiting.

  2. Thank you, I appreciate that! I just went over there and said hello...

    Have a great week! It's almost next year!

  3. Hi Glor, thanks for letting us know about Faith. I've been over to her new blog and signed on to follow and now will change her in my sidebar. Sending warm hugs your way. Safe travels as you venture out on the roads this week. Blessings of peace, joy and love, Tammy

  4. Gloria,
    You are so special to me, to dedicate a space at your lovely place for me. Such sweet and kind words. I always enjoy our time together, and look forward to stopping by your beautiufl place, for you to bring to us the softer,loving side, filled with inspiring beautiful graphics to begin our day. Thank you for taking the time to share about the change in my scenery. :)
    blessed by you being in my life,

  5. Thanks Glor!
    I hope you have a wonderful and blessed new year my friend.

    Love & hugs,
    Because thy loving kindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.
    Psalm 63:3

  6. Thanks, Glor. I've subscribed and added Faith to my blog roll, but I don't see a way to leave comments on her blog. Hmmm ...