Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Latest Doily Project

My latest doily that I am working on is on the cover of this book of doilies, Delightful Doilies, by Patricia Kristoffersen.

I have only done two other patterns by her before but I think now I am hooked (pun intended!).

As pretty as the pictures are I don't think they give justice to how they really look.
I find her patterns are more intricate and dense and they are fun to make.
They are amazingly beautiful. I find her an incredible designer.
My doily color is bridal blue.

About half way done here. Already looking forward to doing another one.

Happy Crocheting!


  1. It's beautiful, Gloria! PK's doilies are always exquisite, but I find myself getting a headache sometimes when I am trying to get the pattern straight in my head. LOL For that reason I've only ever made small PK doilies. ;)

  2. very intense, I must say! I've never heard of that designer until now.
    well done on the doily!