Saturday, March 20, 2010

Celebrating Spring

Spent the morning cleaning, fussing and puttering. A doily here, a flower there. This spring day just brings out all that is enjoyable.

I call this my Easter Doily ... comes out in spring and will be around probably till May, maybe longer unless I finish a new piece to take its place.

It made its way into the laundry room. Needed some happy greetings here as well, as you all know there is a bit of time spent here.

I copied the color combo in this doily from a woman in one of my crochet groups. I hadn't thought to put the shocking pink and bright yellow together until I saw her doily. Just had to have one like it. Today it came out at my crochet perch!

And ... my crochet perch, where many a cuppa has been had and a project always awaits.

Blessings of Spring


  1. I love the doily you copied from a woman. Where can I get the pattern for the doily? I too will copy the colors from a woman

  2. Gorgeous! Lovely! Inspiring! Beautiful!

  3. That crochet topper is gorgeous!!! Just wonderful. I would like to crochet one for my round dining room table, too. I always like to have something round like a doily or round small cloth on top of the bigger tablecloth.

    Thanks for posting.


    This is the link to the doily I did in yellow and pink. Its really a fun doily to make. If you do make this I would love to see it.
    Have a wonderful evening, blessings and joy!!! Happy Crocheting.

  5. I love the one with the star and the hot pink, yellow and green :) I went to the link but its not the star pattern one :( I've looked everywhere to find it. Its LOVELY!

    Share? Laura

  6. The doily that you made (like the woman in your crochet group) with the green, pink, yellow, purple and white colors caught my eye! I too, would like to make that doily with the same color combo. Yours is just beautiful! Can you share the source of that pattern(link or web page)or the name of it? Thanks a bunch.
    Your friend in crochet,

  7. The link above is for the pink and yellow doily, the table topper size. The other one with the green, pink,yellow, etc., ahhh, I'm not sure that I know any longer where that came from. I will search through some patterns but I can't promise I can find it (sorry), its been quite a while (years) since I made that. If I find it I will let you know.

  8. I have bookmarked your doily I love the Spring colors! I have been looking all over for the pattern for the doily the woman in your group made Do you know where she got it at? i have a Christmas one made like it and would like to make another one Thanks You