Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting Ready for Palm Sunday

Weaving palms, its been referred to as a dying art. The ladies at my church have been meeting daily (day and evening) for the past three weeks getting ready for Palm Sunday. I'm there a few nights a week. I joined this wonderful group of woman four years ago. Doing this only once a year, for me, it takes a bit of memory jogging to get back in the swing but finally I am weaving away again. These are a few samples of what we have done.

This beautiful rose was made by one of my dear friends (Diane's Doily is her namesake!)

Before working the palms they have to be cleaned, the rough edges are stripped off. The crosses you see here are made from the scraps produced from the cleaning. They are very rustic and beautiful.

I'll get a few more pictures next week of the finished work. They are very beautiful.

Two different braids here.

Very talented people I have learned from.


  1. Oh Wow! I am speechless. These are all so elegant looking.

  2. Gorgeous! We were in Jerusalem once for Palm Sunday and there were palm branches everywhere. Love those crosses made from the parts that most people would just throw away. The rose is lovely too. What a worthwhile way to spend your time, even if for just once a year, when creativity and purpose go hand in hand. Many blessings, Tammy

  3. wow! I didn't know it was also done in the USA. It's very common here in Mexico, and the rest of LatinAmerica, where there are so many Catholics.

  4. oh, just to add, you've done a lovely job with the palms. :)

  5. You did such a wonderful job on those ribbons. I've never seen anything quite like this, and what a great way to celebrate the season, both the making and the enjoying.

  6. Oh I didn't do the ribbons, we have our own "bow maker" in our group and she is wonderful! I've done some decorating but mostly I take the palms and make the weavings to be decorated. Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

  7. The palms are amazing, I am going to have to try to find out how to make them. I would love to start making those with my boys.

  8. Those are so beautiful. I love the woven palms.
    Have a great day!