Sunday, February 6, 2011

Delightful Sight

Good morning.  We have sunshine ... big, bold and bright.  Such a delight after so much rain, sleet and snow.  Mother nature is certainly making up for the so many days of gray.

 Another simply delightful sight is this adorable little Valentine Bag made by Tammy of T's Daily Treasures  I love this, and it could be any size you would like with sweet little surprises tucked inside.  The size?  You could pick your size ... larger, smaller ... a book, tea bags, super soft socks in a bigger bag ... a tiny one holding a favorite color nail polish ... any number of items and actually, not only just for Valentine's Day, any time!   Is this not a super way to say hello dear friend, I'm thinking of you.  Thanks Tammy for the inspiration. 

and Joy
to your Day.


  1. We had our turn last week, clear as a bell, blue beautiful sky, it was a sight to behold and much appreciated and welcomed, it makes you feel good and light. The bag is a cutey patooty....what a clever idea....

  2. Hi Glor, I'm so glad you have sunshine by your side, that's really great!
    Love the cute bag, and thanks for sharing such a lovely thing from Tammy!
    Have a wonderful Sunday! x

  3. Hi Glor! How sweet that you posted my little bag. I was thinking I could make them for just about any occasion. Crocheting is so much easier than sewing -- at least for me. Any sort of motif could be used to embellish the front. A nice way to give small gifts. So much more special when the bag is a gift in itself. enjoy the sunshine! I'm off to bed. Hugs, Tammy

  4. Hi Glor, lovely bag.. we are having sunshine today too........ Well it most likely not get so cold again as we had last week.. But one never knows... Hugs Birgit

  5. what a great idea, I should make one for my neice. adorable