Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Attitudes are
   contagious ...
      are yours
          worth catching?


  1. Some food for thought....happy day to you and you move about smartly and warmly..5 degrees here in NE Ohio....but the SUN is shining it is a beautiful but frigid morning..

  2. Great food for thought - and so true!

  3. Now that was just perfect for today, especially after that beautiful comment you left on my blog. Thank you...

  4. You are the winner of my Anniversary Giveaway!!! Come check it out on my blog! Congratulations.

  5. Great. I always maintain a good mood even if I do not feel much like it because I know how catchingit is. Also, there are so many people in this world with big troubles and we have no right to complain. Once a year, I allow a bad mood but I stay indoors and it has got to be for a darn good reason. I have a trick too that works wonders. If you feel a little down or out of sorts....I announce it. Sometimes I may tell my daughter..."You know, I'm feeling a bit cranky today". We usually end up laughing after I've said it.